ClockNine - CMS Web App

CHALLENGE : Create a digital signage CMS that is easy to use and mobile friendly.

PROCESS : Throughout our design process we did numerous iterations of sitemapswireframesrapid prototyping and user testing to perfect our software.

SOLUTION : ClockNine’s custom built CMS is a cloud-based web app which allows users the ability to manage their digital signage screen and entire networks with ease. The application was created with simplicity and mobile manage in mind.

KEY FEATURES: Playlist Generation, Playlist Organization, Media Previews, Network Grouping, Custom Content and Smart Content™.

Milwaukee Brewers - Partnership Opportunities Site

CHALLENGE : Design a site that allows the Milwaukee Brewers to discuss and sell through partnership opportunities with prospective clients.

PROCESS : Sitemapswireframes and  prototypes and user testing helps us show the client our vision before developing out this concept.

SOLUTION : A secure site that allows potential partners an in-depth look at opportunities with the ball club.

3M - Mpirico - Digital Marketing System

CHALLENGE : 3M Mpirico Digital Marketing System was engineered to measure content effects for in-store digital signage. We were tasked with designing a UI that give users a quick snap shot of how their content is performing and opportunities to optimize their marketing efforts.

PROCESS : I worked with patent owners, product owners and our business intelligence team to work through sitemapswireframes prototypes and user testing sessions to improve platform usability.

SOLUTION : An app that helped users identify target products and measure the effects of their content.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Ticket Renewal Site

CHALLENGE : Design the Jaguars a Ticket Renewal site that generates excitement and entices fans to renew their ticket packages.

PROCESS : Mood boards, sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes helped us ensure we had a strong UX that met all of the clients needs.

SOLUTION : We developed a a concept that built anticipation while creating a sense of urgency for ticket renewal.

Cody's Smokehouse - Website

CHALLENGE : Build a brand and website to showcase Cody’s amazing BBQ without any photography.

PROCESS :During site build out I walked founders and investors through mood boards, sitemaps, wireframes and prototypes.

SOLUTION : We developed a brand voice and custom elements that boasted Cody’s ‘Darn Good BBQ’.

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