Cody's Smokehouse

CHALLENGE : Build a brand identity for new midwest BBQ concept. Target market is simple midwest people. Came up with “Darn Good BBQ” tagline which we built the entire brand around. Responsible for everything element of branding including logo, website, menu and apparrell.


CHALLENGE : Develop a brand with a cutting edge and futuristic look and feel. Designed player packaging and overall branding for hardward itself. Created custom brand icons, website, logo and other marketing materials.

WPD Management

CHALLENGE : Design a logo and branding that establishes a sense of history nostalgia for a Chicago based property management company.

Children's Hospital of Minnesota

CHALLENGE : Design a logo and branding for Childeren’s Hospital of Minnesota’s EPEC program. This program is travels the entire globe touching over XX countries and XX nations. Their goal and purpose is to help XXXXXXX.

People Love Brands

CHALLENGE : Design branding for a platform that showcases peoples everyday love for the brands that they love.

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